BluffTitler Free Download [Latest]

BluffTitler Free Download [Latest]

BluffTitler Free Download [Latest]

BluffTitler Free Download [Latest]

BluffTitler Free Download [Latest]
BluffTitler Free Download [Latest]
BluffTitler Free Download [Latest] BluffTitler Free Download [Latest] BluffTitler Free Download [Latest] BluffTitler Free Download [Latest] BluffTitler Free Download [Latest]

BluffTitler Free Download [Latest]

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BluffTitler 13

BluffTitler 13 DX9

BluffTitler 13 software download free full version is an easy to use program that you can use to create and edit 3D images. The result can be played in realtime by the player and screensaver or exported to picture and video formats for use in your videos (chroma key supported), multi-media presentations, VJ performances and websites.

Animations are built out of layers that can be animated independently. The current version of BluffTitler supports 8 different layer types: camera, light, text, picture, video, plasma, particle and audio. Layers can be connected to each other for special effects.

The following 2 aspects make BluffTitler truly easy to use:
• BluffTitler works completely in realtime: you immediately see the final result of your actions!
• BluffTitler uses a minimalistic intuitive user interface that does not try to impress with dozens of windows, tabs and dialogs. Instead, thanks to clever GUI design and AI techniques, it only features 2 windows: the edit window and the render window. You are guaranteed not to get lost in BluffTitler!

BluffTitler 13.3

BluffTitler 13 PC software free download Features

• golden beveled titles
• blood dripping titles
• JPG textured titles
• MPG textured titles
• slimy titles
• hairy titles
• exploding titles
• reflection mapped titles
• twisted titles
• cartoon shaded titles
• golden glowing titles
• spooky lightened titles
• titles with silver spikes
• jumbling titles
• inverted titles
• bouncing titles
• powerfield emitting titles
• titles with flying hearts
• pumping titles
• plasma backgrounds
• background videos morphing into donuts
• particle effects
• MP3 audio
• morphing JPG pictures
• exploding video backgrounds
• fractal backgrounds

download portable Version

Title: Outerspace BluffTitler Ultimate v13.6.0.4
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows

– Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32 or 64 bits)
– A DirectX 11 compatible graphics card
– 80 MB available hard disk space

– 1 new style in the picture layer: Sphere cap
– Possibility to attach a container layer to a camera layer
– Possibility to attach a camera layer to a container layer
– New settings option: Open all shows in the same resolution
– Full colour emoji Learn more
– Optimized 2D GUI rendering (GDI to Direct2D)
– 3 new effects: ProceduralTextures/Chrome, Filters/Opaque and Filters/Stroke
– Improved font engine: ligatures, glyph variants, non-Latin scripts and smooth bezier curves.
– 8 new properties in the sketch layer: Offset, Pen rotation, Gravity, Friction, Initial speed, Minimum speed, Writer offset, Pen size and Smooth
– 5 new properties in the camera layer: Colour intensity, Fade colour, Fade stage, Target layer and Active camera
– 5 new styles in the sketch layer: Closed, Open, Halfpipe, Rails and Star
– 1 new style in the text layer: Box
– 1 new property in the text layer: Texture mapping
– 1 new property in the EPS layer: Characters
– New option in options dialog: Custom folder.
– Attach camera and container layers to sketch layers
– Projected shadows. Learn more
– Pictures are now loaded with WIC. With the right codecs installed, BluffTitler can now load PSD, EXR, HDR, RAW and many more files. Learn more
– Support for HDR pictures (16 bits per component integer and half float formats)
– New button in the file dialog: Desktop
– Support for SSL (https)
– VJ dialog
– Redesigned drivers dialog. Learn more
– 3 new properties in the particle layer: Time dilation, Launch normal and Launch normal tolerance
– The Filters/Distortion effect now has properties to animate the red, green and blue channels individually
– The dialog has 3 new tabs: DirectShow, WIC and Files
– Removed features: default show in options dialog, post render command, Shadow softness property in light layer

Download Outerspace BluffTitler for PC

BluffTitler Ultimate | File Size: 44 MB
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