5 Best VPN Service Providers in 2018

5 Best VPN Service Providers in 2018

5 Best VPN Service Providers in 2018

5 Best VPN Service Providers in 2018

5 Best VPN Service Providers in 2018
5 Best VPN Service Providers in 2018
5 Best VPN Service Providers in 2018 5 Best VPN Service Providers in 2018 5 Best VPN Service Providers in 2018 5 Best VPN Service Providers in 2018 5 Best VPN Service Providers in 2018

5 Best VPN Service Providers in 2018

5 Best VPN Service as we know that internet has connected our world. That’s why we need best VPN services to strengthen our security and Privacy issues. But only best VPN services can insure our personal safety from these problems.

From online banking transaction to chatting of friends, huge data is transferred. So its extremely important to have best VPN, so to secure our digital life.

5 Best VPN Service

When choosing best VPN service you will see that some are free VPN, but best VPN require monthly subscription.

If you are wondering what is VPN? Its an abbreviation of “virtual private network.” Its a technology that allows you to create a secure connection (private access point) over a less-secure network between your computer and the internet.

The VPN protects your privacy by allowing you to anonymously appear to be anywhere you choose. The VPN service also give you protection from malware attack

In this post some of the best VPN which are commercial VPN services are explained. So this post willnot discuss the best free VPN because they often have vicious loyalties.

This post deals with those best VPN service providers w


ho charges monthly or yearly subscription.

Now its time to check the list of best VPN in a little more deeply.

Best VPN Service Provider

The below best VPN service ranking based upon server locations, dedicated and dynamic IP, bandwidth caps, security, logging, customer support and price.


In terms of solid performance nordVPN is best VPN service, of course its not free. Unlike other VPN servers who provide five or less simultaneous connection count, the NordVPN offers six simultaneous connections.

No doubt, NordVPN doesn’t have large VPN network as compare to its competitors, but its the best VPN to try and obfuscate your tracks. If you want best VPN with more servers then NordVPN is not choice.

NordVPN is strong VPN operated from Panama has 2000 IP addresses. Its number of servers are more than 3500 which are managed from 61 different locations.

NordVPN offers best Plans. Its 1-year subscription plan cost you $6.99 ($83.88). While their monthly price is   $11.95. NordVPN netflix yearly price of $83.88 is lower than other top VPN contenders.

But the good thing which NordVPN have is that, they provide full 30-day refund policy. This best VPN provider also offers a dedicated IP option, for those looking for a different level of VPN connection.


Strong VPN - 5 Best VPN Service

The second best VPN service is strongVPN. It provide excellent infrastructure along with decent price. It doesn’t have any logging policy. StrongVPN is all about protecting privacy, that’s why its a best VPN provider for savvy.

StrongVPN has large IP addresses base as compare to previous one. It only improves the privacy and protect your anonymity.

Its the best VPN for torrenting but it doesn’t provide free VPN service. As a top VPN service also provide dedicated IP’s to its users, but for that you need to contact support strongVPN.

Another feature of best VPN is that the strong owns and operate their entire network. It means they have no externally-dictated limits on bandwidth or the type of traffic allowed on the network.

This private VPN has 59500 IP addresses. Operated from 70 different location using more than 689 servers.

The strongVPN’s monthly plan cost you $10, but its yearly plan cost you around $69.99. These prices are lowest among other best VPN. It is also one of the fastest VPN.

IPVanish VPN

The IPVanish is a another best VPN for kodi because the company of this VPN keeps zero logs.  It improves ability to secure users privacy.

It also a best VPN for mac provide support to EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). Its a nonprofit organization established to protect online privacy.

Another advantage of IPVanish is its support for Kodi. Its a open source media streaming app which was previously known as XBMC.  This unique feature of IPVanish kodi is what makes it more interesting.

The IPVanish is operated from United States. It also have 60 different server locations. Its network consists on more than 900 servers with 40000 plus IP addresses.

The price plan of this VPN provider are $7.50/monthly and $58.49 for a year. Its quite cheap VPN as compare to other good VPN. The IPVanish VPN provider company also support payment in Bitcoinwith a money back guarantee.

The IPVanish free trial option is also there but it only lasts for 7 days. This VPN also five simultaneous connections.


5 Best VPN Service Free life time

The expressVPN service provider is from United Kingdom, has 830 servers managed from 280 different location. Well the number of IP addresses are also near 3106.

Like NordVPN, the expressVPN also offers 30 days money back guarantee to its customer. Its the best VPN service among other VPN contenders.

The expressVPN has added support of SSTP and L2TP/IPSec.  The setup guide and detailed FAQs help the users to better understand about how to use VPN.

Again the ExpressVPN also have support of Bitcoin as a payment method, and their reliable and easy-to-use connection kill switch feature. Its the best VPN for mac, Windows, Linux, Routers and for iOS.

The ExpressVPN company is in business since 2009, and has developed a fast VPN servers and networks spread across 94 countries.

If you check their price plan, the ExpressVPN offers best VPN plan at just $6.67 per month. For annual package which includes 3 extra months free.

Hide My Ass

5 Best VPN Service Worldwide

This VPN service providers have strong network with a good selection of protocols supported. Hide My Ass provide detailed set of policies but it surely allows VPN service for P2P and Torrents.

HideMy Ass is United Kingdom‘s company, have total 830 servers at 280 different locations. It number of IP addresses are near 3106.

Its a best private VPN with a commitment to protect privacy. This VPN providers also offers support for different game device consoles.

The Hide My Ass keeps the log of data but they also offer money back guarantee. They also offer fivesimultaneous connections.

Their monthly pricing cost you $11.52 which is quite high, but their yearly pricing is competitive at $78.66 for a full year.

Well these are the best VPN of 2018, hope you like it. If you have any  question just post a comment here.